The electrical component of your RV is where it gets interesting. Most of what we do here is hidden away. When the electrical systems work well, you don’t realise how complicated and important they are. When they go wrong, it can be a disaster. Often, when it goes wrong, it’s because it’s been set up incorrectly. It’s why we only use qualified and experienced electricians.

Design and install
At Lifestyle Motorhomes, we design and install your electrical systems from scratch, depending on your budget, needs and potential future loads. We’ve recently installed full systems from $2k up to $60k! 230-250v is standard with a 12v additional battery system to run the lighting, water pump, home theatre TV system plus the automatic/control side of fridges, water heaters and your preferred central heating system etc. We can use 4 different types of charging systems, again, depending on your needs and budget. These can be made manual or automatic:

  • 1 Solar Panels
  • 2 Generator
  • 3 Charging when driving
  • 4 230v Battery Charger


Want more lights or different charging system? Just ask and we’ll see how it can be done. LEDs are a great upgrade for your lights. They’re more reliable, last longer, don’t draw as much power from your battery yet give out more light than traditional lighting systems. 

As with everything inside or outside your motor home, if it’s broken, we can fix it! And, if it’s an insurance job we’ll even help you make the claim, just leave the hassel to the experts. All our electrical repairs are fully certified, you will receive an Electrical Certificate of Compliance from one of our qualified electricians.